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Shaping the future with data, artificial intelligence and automation

Shaping the future with data, artificial intelligence and automation
NAB Show

NAB Show’s focus on intelligent content will help attendees discover the value of their data

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Intelligent Content Showcase – along with the ‘Create, Connect and Capitalize’ pillars – will be a key part of the 2022 NAB Show. Intelligent content has become a transformational element of today’s media and entertainment ecosystem, with practical applications across the content value chain. 

The concept is relevant and important to business. If you look at modern media, you can already see intelligent content everywhere, in broadcast, over-the-top and in all manner of digital and social platforms. 

This type of content uses smart technology before, during and after creation. It is informed by, and embedded with, data that can be traced, analysed and applied. Thanks to this data, intelligent content can more easily be discovered, reused and adapted. It can be used for more than one purpose and on more than one platform. And in the end, intelligent content can make great storytelling more intuitive by enabling a curated viewing experience for every single consumer. 

Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are being used to make content work harder. It is a circular flow in which data informs content creation, and the data harvested through delivery and consumption across various devices and platforms informs further content creation and delivery. Used in this way, data drives smarter, richer and more meaningful connections between the producers and consumers of content. It supports new channels of engagement and new ways to generate revenue. This is the Intelligent Content Showcase that visitors will discover at the 2022 NAB Show. 

Within the showcase, attendees will find three focus areas: AI and Automation, New Engagement Channels, and New Business Models. It’s no accident that these areas respectively align with the ‘Create, Connect and Capitalize’ pillars. 

As broadcasters, streamers and networks pursue more direct relationships with consumers, AI manages the data that drives ­better-informed decisions and leads to greater success. Supporting behavioural analytics, AI allows for more accurate viewership predictions, enabling more effective monetisation of content, and even helps media organisations target new audiences while minimising risk. AI also enables greater automation of production workflows, improving efficiency and reducing costs across the board. 

These gains give media organisations the opportunity to explore new engagement channels and connect with consumers in different ways. As audiences increasingly expect personalisation at scale, content creators and distributors will need to engage with them differently and empower them to consume content in different ways. They will need to consider new business models, methods for capturing data about audiences and viewing patterns, and additional platforms through which to reach consumers.   

The 2022 NAB Show will offer an in-depth look at all these aspects of engagement, giving visitors a better understanding of how their business can move forward in making content work harder for them. Building on that idea, the New Business Models focus area will reveal how consumer data is redefining the value exchange between content creators and consumers.  

Eliminating much of the technical jargon while also providing opportunities for deeper learning, the show will make it easy to build foundational knowledge and discover new business possibilities. Attendees will learn what intelligent content actually means for them, whether they are in broadcast, streaming or another area of content creation or delivery. 

Ultimately, if you are an attendee, this approach will help you to make informed decisions, which in turn can allow you to create better content, connect with the right people, and boost revenue. That’s always been the strength of NAB Show, and it is truer than ever as the media and entertainment industry expands into delivering new forms of content.

There is always a place for these additional forms of media, the new along with the old. That’s why 2022 NAB Show is the perfect place to learn more about intelligent content, how it relates to what your business is doing today and how it will affect your media business in the future. 

Use code MP07 to register for free access to the events, exhibits and sessions that are open to all.  

Chris Brown is executive vice president of conventions and business operations at National Association of Broadcasters  

Microsoft at 2022 NAB Show 
The intelligent content area at NAB Show will address the need for media organisations to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, and in the language of their choice. At Microsoft, we believe we can achieve this by combining our solutions with the largest partner network in the world. Sophisticated systems can monitor user behaviour, detect patterns, deliver content, track what happens, and adjust content delivery in the future based on that data. 

This specific area of the show is so important because there is a growing preference from businesses and consumers to subscribe to services, rather than buy products. This requires businesses to understand their data more quickly and manifests itself in how technology is used to deliver the content. 

Data really is the holy grail to content creation and unlocking insights has become key. This digital transformation will require the right partner to support, steer, listen and learn in a way that only Microsoft is truly capable of delivering. 

Simon Crownshaw is director of worldwide media and entertainment strategy at Microsoft 

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