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KnowledgeLake is making work easier with the Power Platform

KnowledgeLake is making work easier with the Power Platform
KnowledgeLake Tasks can speed up repetitive, manual tasks and improve staff productivity

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Power Platform has done a lot over the past couple of years to transform the business process automation landscape. While this was once a domain restricted purely to IT teams and enterprise budgets, Microsoft has truly empowered business teams and knowledge workers to take control of automating their work in a cost-effective, friendly way. 

The Power Platform’s automation of business processes and workflows is synonymous with KnowledgeLake’s core functionality: automating transactional document processes. 

However, in the quest to automate everything, one fact has remained true: some tasks in a process simply cannot be automated. These tasks, which require a human eye to piece together data and come to an informed decision, are a strain on workers who must repeat them countless times throughout their day. This is especially true when the data that workers need to make a decision is spread across several applications – each with their own logins and user interfaces. 

KnowledgeLake Tasks solves this problem by providing a rich interface built specifically for these manual tasks. Configured as a step in the business workflow, Tasks brings together everything a person needs to do their work – manual or otherwise – quickly and efficiently. 

Using KnowledgeLake Tasks, administrators can drag and drop modules to create and piece together purpose-built user interfaces called layouts. Layouts present only the data a user will need to complete their current task. Each Layout is made up of one or more gizmos which show certain data and enable a user to perform certain actions. 

While most common gizmos are shipped out of the box, the process of building custom gizmos is entirely accessible to any citizen developer. Gizmos can be written to connect to different business systems and pull together data in one place, rather than in several different windows and browsers. Through a combination of out-of-the-box features and easy scripting, a layout can be created to help a user tackle any repetitive business problem. 

Best of all, these layouts and gizmos can be packaged and deployed at scale to any number of environments enabling rapid, predictable implementation of automations for different customers. KnowledgeLake Tasks is the perfect complement to a Flow or Azure Logic App.

KnowledgeLake makes common manual Tasks like invoice approval, data look-ups and quality control easier than ever through our rich, natural user interface. 

Nicholas Heembrock is senior product manager at KnowledgeLake 

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