Fortra’s Terranova Security provides accessible cybersecurity training for global manufacturing firm

Fortra’s Terranova Security provides accessible cybersecurity training for global manufacturing firm

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After three years of using the firm’s training solutions the international adoption rate of the security training grew to 80 per cent

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Organisation must ensure that cybersecurity training solutions are accessible to all, particularly when they have thousands of employees who are spread across the world and speak different native languages. With an increasing number of sophisticated cyberattacks, phishing scams and other security risks threatening its overall performance, one global manufacturing company turned to Fortra’s Terranova Security to deploy multilingual cybersecurity training. 

Although the manufacturing company already offered security training, adoption rates remained low in all non-USA regions. Its information security leadership team concluded that multi-language support was a significant need to assist teams across Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the USA. The firm decided to enhance security awareness with a standardised training programme presented in short, engaging modules, available in six languages, with the aim of reducing end-user clickthrough rates during simulated phishing attempts. 

Fortra’s Terranova Security training includes a comprehensive content library featuring multilingual, immersive learning modules; phishing simulation templates based on real-world cyber threat scenarios; and in-depth analytics and reporting to ensure that user performance is tracked at every step of the way.

With the assistance of the Terranova Security team, the organisation’s information security manager implemented a complete security training programme. The business also chose to leverage Terranova Security Professional Services and adopt the five-step framework to ensure a seamless integration approach to security awareness. Each month, the security team followed up with a newsletter reminding employees about the security lessons and encouraging them to enrol in additional courses throughout the year.

“Terranova provided us with essential core training that we utilise,” says the information security manager. “It created the right modules that talk about the right things that enhanced our culture of security and training adoption rate across all levels of the organisation, from people working in the warehouse to the CEO.” 

After three years of using the Terranova Security training solutions, the international adoption rate of the security training grew to 80 per cent. It was consistently recorded across all departments, whether the employee was based in a manufacturing facility, warehouse or corporate office. As user completion and adoption rates of the required security awareness training increased, the manufacturing company saw the clickthrough rates on phishing simulations decrease from 35 per cent to less than 15 per cent.

Additionally, the number of phishing emails reported to the IT and security teams rose from about 25 per year to more than 500 annually.

“Employees report that the training has not only helped them in their cybersecurity awareness at work, but it’s also generated behaviour change at home,” concludes the information security manager.

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