Why we must ensure the future is quantum-secure

Why we must ensure the future is quantum-secure


It’s time to supercharge our approach to cybersecurity to protect against the inevitable attacks of the future, says Daren Klum of Secured2

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Mathematical-based encryption systems have proven to be increasingly vulnerable; a new approach to cybersecurity is needed. 

At Secured2, we have developed a quantum-secure, artificial intelligence-safe, end-to-end physical data protection solution that is a proactive measure against future quantum- and AI-related vulnerabilities.  

The enhancement of multi-factor authentication (MFA) is central to this end-to-end solution, with quantum-secure features such as a random code generator that the customer controls. This enhanced MFA integrates seamlessly with platforms such as Microsoft Authenticator.  

We are also leveraging our quantum-secure multi-step algorithm to ensure that authentication processes are impervious to quantum computing attacks, which traditional security methods are ill-equipped to handle. This integration provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that user identities are protected with the highest level of security.  

Another Secured2 development is ParticleMesh, a quantum-secure internet. This new technology changes data transport by utilising unbreachable methods to secure data in transit. ParticleMesh allows data to move across networks whilst being protected against both current and emerging threats, ensuring complete confidentiality and integrity of an organisation’s data.  

In today’s security landscape, safeguarding stored data is as crucial as protecting data in transit and our two solutions ensure data-at-rest is encrypted with quantum-secure data protection, making it impenetrable to cyber threats both now and in the future.  

In addition, our entire suite of quantum-secure applications can be used to help businesses handle digital communication and storage. Particle Mail, for example, is a quantum-secure email solution that is integrated into Microsoft 365 and provides an enhanced level of email security. Secondly, ParticleDrive offers secure cloud storage that ensures all sensitive information stored in the cloud is protected against quantum and AI threats. Lastly, our quantum-secure RESTful API facilitates the development of secure applications, enabling businesses to build their own quantum-secure solutions.  

Overall, our comprehensive approach to digital security represents a significant leap forward in cybersecurity. By addressing threats from both quantum computing and AI, Secured2 is not only responding to the challenges of today but is also shaping the future of digital security.  

Maruthi Rao Gadde

Daren Klum is CEO of Secured2

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