Hannover Messe: empowering the workforce

Hannover Messe: empowering the workforce

A new video from this year’s Hannover Messe event showcases how manufacturing firms such as Bilfinger, Howden and PTC are using Microsoft technology to empower their workforces. 

“Empowering your workforce is the number one job of every leader,” said Çağlayan Arkan, global lead of Manufacturing and Resources at Microsoft, in the video. “We have a major skills gap and we need more technology capabilities for our people and the plant floor so that they can do their jobs more effectively.”

In the video, Microsoft presents the benefits and uses of Microsoft HoloLens in industry. When combined with Dynamics 365 Guides, employees can use the mixed reality technology to learn how to carry out complex tasks by overlaying instructions onto the real world. 

Bilfinger is using something similar. Its Industrial Tube (like YouTube) supplies workers with videos to help them carry out different jobs more safely, easily and quickly. 

Watch the video below to find out more. 

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