Microsoft previews strategies to be showcased at Hannover Messe 2018

Microsoft previews strategies to be showcased at Hannover Messe 2018

Caglayan Arkan says AI, intelligent apps and cloud solutions will be areas of focus

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft has previewed what it will be showcasing at Hannover Messe 2018, which takes place from 23-27 April in Hanover, Germany.

In a video interview Caglayan Arkan, Microsoft’s general manager for Manufacturing, explained that Microsoft will present its three key strategies for how companies can leverage technologies to improve core areas of the industrial industry.

The first is boosting productivity with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. This involves using data to train technology to complete automated tasks, which frees up the time and abilities of employees and improves productivity.

“You can connect people with things and data, then blend AI, mixed reality, digital twins, collaborating robots think cobots – to augment employee skill,” said Arkan. “With data and intelligent insights from machines that can learn and even improve processes, your employees can use data to automate repetitive tasks solve problems faster and increase margins.”

The second strategy is the use of intelligent business apps to increase margins. Arkan explained how intelligent business apps can benefit companies by increasing revenues. “The advancements we have made with our field service solution will help you accelerate your revenue in exceptional new ways. You can deliver remote monitoring capabilities as a managed service, you can enhance the productivity of your technicians by using resource schedule optimisation and mixed reality.”

The third strategy is entering and expanding markets with intelligent edge and cloud solutions. Arkan gave the example of how this can be implemented in the food manufacturing industry. “You will see how companies are using the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge to create new services and lines that did not exist maybe five years ago. And these new business models have the potential to help us solve some of the world’s most complex issues.”

Arkan pointed towards food processing equipment manufacturer Buhler Holding AG as a case in point. “When I think of the food manufacturing industry, one of the biggest challenges is toxins that work their way into food during processing and waste. In our booth Buhler will show you how they’re using real time analytics in their machines to help good manufacturers identify toxins in things like rice and corn all the way down to the individual seed.”

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