Jewish General Hospital protects staff and patients with HoloLens

Jewish General Hospital protects staff and patients with HoloLens
Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Teams enable healthcare workers to connect virtually

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The Jewish General Hospital (JGH) in Montreal, Canada, is using Microsoft HoloLens to provide more effective and efficient care to Covid-19 patients. Using the virtual reality technology alongside Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Microsoft Teams, healthcare workers can connect with specialists virtually. 

Working in collaboration with engineering firm Auger Groupe Conseil, JGH adopted the HoloLens with mixed reality remote support tool Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and quickly retrained staff, while managing the growing number of new patients. 

An attending clinician can wear the HoloLens headset and connect to a team of experts via a secure live video-feed using Teams. Microsoft says that the process “can reduce the number of people required to be physically present with Covid-19 patients, which significantly reduces the risk of exposure to clinical staff”.  

“The Covid-19 pandemic came on fast and furious, and we quickly found ourselves in a position where we had a hospital full of patients that needed immediate, specialised care,” said Lawrence Rudski, chief of cardiology at JGH. “Protecting staff was a major motivating factor for this project, but so was protecting patients.

“We needed an innovative solution, and I can truthfully say there’s nothing out there like HoloLens. The ease of use, the short learning curve, the interfacing with hospital systems, cameras, and of course the Microsoft Guides and Remote Assist applications make it invaluable in a fight like this.” 

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