How to revolutionise retail with personalisation and advanced analytics

Lindsay James
Lindsay James
By Lindsay James on 13 February 2017
How to revolutionise retail with personalisation and advanced analytics

The way people shop has changed considerably in recent years. These days, people comparison shop on the go, receive promotional deals at their fingertips, and all get the information they need to make buying decisions in near real time.

With this in mind, today’s retailers need to get ahead of the curve and meet customers where they are. They need to master every tool that offers them an edge in a hyper competitive marketplace. Customer experience is the name of the game, and retailers must address the digital disruption caused by new technologies – both in the virtual world and at brick and mortar stores.

Retail executives are feeling the pressure of keeping up during these challenging times – in a Microsoft survey of 100 executives, it was no surprise that 73% said that the retail marketplace is changing, with 40% noting that the pace of change is rapid.

Cloud-based data analytics can help retailers anticipate product trends, forecast consumer demand, and create individualised experiences that build greater customer loyalty and boost sales.

Microsoft Advanced Analytics allows retailers to use all available data to get a deeper understanding of their targeting strategy, optimise lead generation tactics, and improve customer experience. Retailers can embrace digital disruption, using it to create tailored product recommendations and offers that send customers to their storefronts, real or virtual.

To help retail businesses make more informed decisions, Microsoft has produced a free white paper. Download your copy here.

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