Infiniti retail group UK boosts customer experience with Surface 3

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 07 August 2015
Infiniti retail group UK boosts customer experience with Surface 3

Infiniti retail group UK is enjoying a host of benefits throughout its sales processes thanks to the Surface 3.

The company is aiming to alter the traditional retail model by providing customers with access to a range of selections options without the need for a large lot or limitless inventory.

A luxury automotive dealer group with 12 dealerships in the UK, Infiniti’s staff are using Surface 3 tablet devices to improve the customer experience and streamline the sales process within the showroom environment.

Customers are able to view the full car catalogue and tailor their order to correspond with the features they want with their car.

Sales staff can bring the Surface 3 device on a test drive, and the Surface Pen can be used to complete paperwork if the car meets the customer’s expectations. This means the whole process can be completed without even having to leave the car.

The Surface 3 is also used to show customers high resolution videos and specs about the car during the sales process, and can help collect customer information.

“One of the things we love about Surface is how it enables us to provide a high value brand experience,” said Brendan Norman, managing director, Infiniti retail group UK. “We let the customer sit in the car, feel the car, smell the car and then on Surface 3 we show them the different options for the car and videos that really details the overall driving experience. We use Surface 3 for the whole thing.”

As Surface 3 runs full Windows, it has been easily integrated with Infiniti’s existing security system, helping to keep customer data safe and secure.

The long battery life of the devices also means the Surface 3 can be used throughout the working day in the showroom.

“Infiniti retail group UK doesn’t just like Surface 3 because it works like a laptop, they also think it looks damn sexy and that the high quality materials aligns with the Infiniti brand,” said Matt Chapman, Microsoft Surface. “It’s sleek and light, functional, dynamic, modern and stylish; all characteristics that the Infiniti brand shares. Surface 3 is helping the Infiniti retail group UK team change the face of retail and create a whole new way to do business. Using the Surface 3, Infiniti has been able to put the customer in the driver’s seat, and revolutionise how people buy cars in the UK.”

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