International Hotel Technology Forum to cover technology in hospitality

27th-28th April; Madrid, Spain

Alice Chambers
Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers on 04 March 2022
International Hotel Technology Forum to cover technology in hospitality
International Hotel Technology Forum

International Hotel Technology Forum 2022 will be hosted at Madrid Marriott Auditorium in Madrid, Spain, between 27 and 28 April 2022. The event will connect over 200 delegates from hotel brands such as Nordic Choice, Melia Hotels, TUI and more.

As the hotel industry balances between being a place of recreation and work, the forum will provide guidance into how the industry can adapt to the changing trends. It will focus on the developments of the hotel industry and how to improve alongside globalisation, digitalisation and urbanisation.

Guest speakers and panel discussions will cover technology in hospitality such as how to align technological applications to businesses, the future of artificial intelligence in hospitality and where application integration is taking the hospitality industry. Talks will also explore how to enhance customer engagement levels through a seamless omnichannel and payment experience, the future of guest technology, and much more.

Challenge and concerns that are currently associated with hospitality will also be addressed including Covid, staff shortages, supply chain issues, travel, revenue retention and how to successfully maintain supplier partnerships. Exhibitors include Adria Scan, Cloudbeds, Easygoband, Hotelchamp, NFON, SIHOT and more.

Register for International Hotel Technology Forum with the code ARTR here.


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