Interop Digital: securing remote workforces and the edge

3 December 2020; virtual event

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 10 November 2020
Interop Digital: securing remote workforces and the edge

On 3 December, Interop Digital will host a virtual event covering critical cloud and networking topics. 

As part of this, speakers will discuss some of the current problems facing businesses including those created by distributed workforces and ensuring the security of data in transit and cloud environments. 

The event will feature two main tracks: ‘Top Networking and Security Requirements for 2021’ and ‘Security and Management Strategies for a Multi-Cloud World’, which will both include keynote sessions and panel discussions on various related content. 

The keynote for the former will address the changes associated with employees working remotely and insights derived at the edge, and the new infrastructure and security solutions needed as a result. Speakers will share some of the trends that can keep businesses running safely and efficiently. 

As part of the ‘Security and Management Strategies for a Multi-Cloud World’ track, representatives from leading cloud software companies will offer tips and best practices for securing and managing cloud workloads in an increasingly complicated environment. 

The keynote will also address the changing scope of the cloud and how organisations can stay ahead of the curve by understanding what challenges may arise in the coming years. 

To find out more or register for the event, visit the Interop Digital website

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