Kelley Drye & Warren adopts Microsoft Office 365

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 14 June 2016
Kelley Drye & Warren adopts Microsoft Office 365

Global law firm Kelley Drye & Warren has offices at numerous locations across the planet, including Los Angeles, New York and Brussels.

The company has adopted Microsoft Office 365 to help enhance its attorneys’ ability to collaborate with and support its clients. Furthermore, thanks to Microsoft SharePoint Online, Kelley Drye & Warren’s staff now have a single secure place to collaborate with clients on their docket of matters. This allows for streamlined communications and the efficient delivery of legal advice to clients.

Attorneys at Kelley Drye & Warren work closely with one another to provide services, and has worked to improve its internal and external collaboration efforts to improve responsiveness and transparency. 

Previously, the company relied on e-mail to conduct the majority of their business.

“E-mailing documents was inefficient in many ways,” said Judith Flournoy, chief information officer at Kelley Drye. “It was difficult to control what happened to the information after we sent it out to clients. We found it hard to tell who made changes, which version was most current, and where it was being shared.”

E-mail folders were heavily used for filing client correspondence, but this made it tough to track which documents related to which matters.

The company took the decision to migrate to Microsoft Office 365’s suite of cloud services and implemented hosted client extranets. Kelley Drye now has more than 200 SharePoint Online project and team sites, which are used by attorneys and staff to host relevant information for specific matters, including contacts, project-related tasks, timelines and links. This information is now more easily shared with colleagues and clients.

“Working collaboratively to achieve results on behalf of clients is at the heart of Kelley Drye,” said Flournoy. “Office 365 is one of the many tools we use to provide counsel in a more efficient and comprehensive manner, while better protecting data privacy and security. We no longer have to track or remember who has been sent which documents, and we don’t have to ask if a document has been reviewed because we can see who has touched it. Having so much more information readily available helps us save time.”

Thanks to Office 365, attorneys and staff can be productive from any location, and access up-to-date documents and files through Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

“When I travel between offices or work from home, I get to all the schematics and documents I need from wherever I am, without having to remember to copy them onto a particular device,” said Flourney. “Plus, I grant my staff access to some of my OneDrive for Business files so that they can see my Microsoft Visio drawings, rather than wait for me to e-mail them around.”

The firm has made it possible for staff to download the latest Microsoft Office applications to as many as 15 devices thanks to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, and is confident that the company’s data, and that of its clients, is more secure than ever before.

“In the past, we didn’t have insight into what happened to information after we emailed it to outside parties,” added Flournoy. “Now with Office 365, we have a better sense of who has access to matter-related information and who has looked at or modified it. Having peace of mind that we’re protecting client information is extra important in our industry.”

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