Kinect for Windows helps golfers improve their swing

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 23 March 2015
Kinect for Windows helps golfers improve their swing

Two golf-swing analysis products are using Kinect for Windows technology to help golfers improve their game.

My Swinguru and Swinguru Pro from Guru Training Systems use a Kinect sensor to capture, analyse and ultimately improve a player’s golf swing.

Users simply take a swing in front of the Kinect sensor, which captures the full motion in 3D.

The data collected from the Kinect sensor is then run through a Windows PC running the Swinguru software. This software uses a combination of sychronised 2D and 3D captures to analyse vital parts of the swing.

Users receive feedback and are given remedial drills to help improve their swing. My Swinguru automatically records a golfer’s swing for comparison.

While My Swinguru is aimed at serious amateur golfers, Swinguru Pro has been created for professional golf instructors, helping them to provide analytical training sessions.

Swinguru Pro provides simultaneous top, side and front views of a player on the same screen. Data collected during each training session is automatically saved, and users can analyse swings with frame-by-frame footage.

With the Pro version, swing motions can be recorded as a series of pictures, meaning users can analyse the golfer’s set up, ‘9 o’clock’, and top-of-backswing positions, and then compare them with previous swings.

Swinguru Pro also includes a balance tracking feature, which shows the golfers’ centre of mass displacement during a swing.

“The Kinect v2 sensor is a revolution for our use in sports motion analysis,” said Sabastien Wulf, CEO, Guru Training Systems. “Not only does the Kinect v2 sensor use a wider angle time-of-flight camera – which allows us to reduce the minimum distance from the sensor for full body tracking – it also increases the image resolution tremendously, which enables a much enhanced user experience. What’s more, its new infrared time-of-flight depth sensor, combined to its new infrared illuminator, makes it so much more resistant to direct sunlight for 3D full body tracking.”

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