Kinect for Windows v2 sensor now available for pre order

Karen McCandless
Karen McCandless
By Karen McCandless on 06 June 2014
Kinect for Windows v2 sensor now available for pre order

Microsoft has made the latest version of its Kinect for Windows sensor (v2) available for pre order for developers.

According to the company, sensors purchased during the pre-order phase will be shipped in July, when it will also release a public beta of the Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK).

New features include increased depth-sensing capabilities, full 1080p video, improved skeletal tracking and enhanced infrared technology.

Developers will also be able to start creating Windows Store apps with Kinect for the first time.

Businesses have already been working with v2 of the sensor as part of the developer preview programme.

San Diego-based Reflexion Health has used Kinect to make Vera, an app intended to motivate patients to do their physical therapy exercises at home using the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor.

When the Kinect device is hooked up to a computer, it provides companies and developers with the foundation they need to create interactive applications that respond to natural movements, gestures and voice commands.

Spencer Hutchins, a co-founder and CEO, said: “The ability of the Kinect system to track and record individuals performing their exercises opens up enormous opportunities for physical therapists to understand what's happening with their patients, and enlist Vera's help in coaching their patients to perform exercises with the proper form.”

Freak’n Genius, the Seattle-based company behind the YAKit app which makes any photo talk by speaking to it, has already had the chance to try the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor through its developer preview programme.

Using the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and YAKiT, children see zombies come to life using performance-based animation.

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