La Cité adopts virtual desktop infrastructure from Dell

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 07 August 2014
La Cité adopts virtual desktop infrastructure from Dell

Dell has started the implementation of a new virtualised desktop infrastructure (VDI) at La Cité, a French-language college of applied arts and technology, based in Canada.

The solution is based on Dell Wyse zero clients and Dell PowerEdge servers, which use the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 operating system.

Previously, La Cité had seven labs equipped with desktop PCs that were able to run computer-aided design (CAD) software, but these labs were noisy, hot and difficult to schedule.

The decision was taken to invest in a futuristic VDI solution, and after surveying the market, La Cité selected the Dell product specifications and VDI solution on Dell PowerEdge R720 rack servers.<

Some new systems have already been put in place, with the college planning to complete the conversion of all 2,000 workstations on campus to Dell Wyse by 2016.

The virtual environment provides for around 70 labs, classrooms and libraries, equipping them with Dell Wyse P25 zero clients and enabling students to undertake processor-intensive CAD projects.

With VDI in the classroom, lengthy boot-up processes are avoided, and students can connect to CAD applications in less than 20 seconds. Students will also benefit from greater flexibility and will be able to connect virtually and work from almost anywhere on the campus.

Dell’s VDI solution at La Cité currently comprises more than 400 Dell Wyse P25 zero clients, 16 Dell PowerEdge R720 servers with Dell Compellent SC8000 storage arrays, two Dell DR4100 Disk Backup Appliances for back-up and recovery, and two Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10000 Series next-generation firewalls for security and intrusion prevention.

“Dell has been one of our most trusted advisors for many years,” said Luc Lacasse, systems administrator, La Cité. “Its virtualised solutions using Dell PowerEdge rack servers, compellent storage, and zero client are second to none and have been instrumental in allowing us to create an IT environment that will attract the best CAD teachers and students in French-speaking Canada and around the world. As well as facilitating significant cost savings, our virtualised environment gives us greater performance, flexibility, and security and the capacity to implement new programs such as bring-your-own-device in the near future.”

“We’re delighted that La Cité embraced our vision of a VDI environment and selected the full range of Dell products to bring this vision to reality,” said Kevin Peesker, President, Dell Canada. “Dell’s solution, which is at the forefront of VDI, will give La Cité an excellent return on investment as well as the tools and capacity to further scale across campus, add more graphic-intensive CAD software, and provide a rich education environment that will allow it to compete on the world stage.”

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