Lowe’s aiming to reinvent home improvement with HoloLens

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 21 March 2016
Lowe’s aiming to reinvent home improvement with HoloLens

Lowe’s, a home improvement company based in Mooresville, North Carolina, is teaming up with Microsoft HoloLens with the aim of reinventing how people think about home renovation.

Using the HoloLens device, Lowe’s will be provide customers with a new level of visualisation to help demonstrate a variety of design options.

The initial trial will take place in a number of selected pilot stores, and customers will able to view and make decisions based on a holographic representation of a new kitchen.

The options will cover kitchen cabinetry, countertops, appliances and features like backsplashes, in a visually-rich and interactive way. Furthermore, customers will be able to adjust finishes and options easily and instantly, helping them in their decision-making.

Hololens’ holographic capabilities will allow users to see the differences between shiny chrome appliances versus matte brushed aluminum options. Customers can change the look and feel of the kitchen space, and view virtual design options against physical counter stools.

Staff at Lowe’s are then able to quickly show an array of options for customers in a way that is far simpler than replacing tile or cabinetry samples. Customers’ friends and spouses are also able to view what the customer is seeing using a hand-held Microsoft Surface tablet device.

“We imagine that a solution like this would be an ideal way to view renovation options in individual homes,” said Scott Erickson, general manager, Microsoft HoloLens. “In the same way that people often place tape or cardboard outlines of new furniture in their living rooms to properly assess size and scale relative to physical options – imagine a more high-quality, easily modifiable replacement to that task, powered by holograms.”

Lowe’s will begin to show it’s HoloLens-powered kitchen remodel demonstration at stores in the US this month.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition will begin shipping on 30 March.

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