Microsoft and Cognite to build industrial data operations platform on Microsoft Fabric and Azure OpenAI Service

Microsoft and Cognite to build industrial data operations platform on Microsoft Fabric and Azure OpenAI Service

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Industrial organisations will be able to improve operations by leveraging a range of data tools and copilots

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Cognite is collaborating with Microsoft to integrate its Cognite Data Fusion solution with Microsoft Fabric and deliver an artificial intelligence-powered industrial data operations solution. 

The platform will combine enterprise and industrial informational technology, operational technology and engineering technology with the Microsoft Copilot features on Fabric to help organisations accelerate time to value and scalability for industrial use cases. 

For example, organisations will be able to make decisions in asset-centric scenarios by leveraging Cognite’s Asset Performance Optimization with Fabric’s generated insights. 

“At Microsoft, we are pleased to work with industry leaders like Cognite to extend our platforms into specific domains and business processes that are critical to industries like Energy with complex industrial requirements,” said Matthew Kerner, corporate vice president of Microsoft Cloud for Industry. “We are pleased to see Cognite integrate their industrial data operations platform, Cognite Data Fusion, with Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft 365, and the Microsoft OpenAI Service to unlock value in industry verticals such as industrial carbon management.” 

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Users will have access to a range of copilot tools to help them utilise their data


The collaboration expands on the multi-year strategic partnership between the two firms. 

“Our collaboration with Microsoft is more than a convergence of platforms; it’s about aligning our vision of empowering industries to drive productivity through digital transformation,” said Moe Tanabian, Cognite’s chief product officer. “Cognite’s robust industrial data operations and contextualization capabilities, combined with the scale and intelligence of Azure, will unlock new frontiers in industrial AI.” 

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