Mansfield Oil reaps the benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 11 February 2015
Mansfield Oil reaps the benefits of Microsoft Office 365

US energy supply, logistics and services company Mansfield Oil has used technology to stay ahead of the game throughout its 57-year history.

The company created a three-year plan in 2014, with the aim of consolidating and stabilising its IT environment and turning its IT department from a cost centre into a revenue generating part of Mansfield Oil.

In a post for the Microsoft Office Blogs site, the company’s director of infrastructure and service management Hercu Rabsatt (pictured) said the company is still in the ‘building phase’ of its three-year plan, but the ‘transformation phase’ will begin soon. 

Mansfield Oil is already experiencing significant payoff and transformation from the technology investments as part of its three-year plan, and Rabsatt says that nowhere is this more noticeable than its adoption of Microsoft Office 365.

“We knew we wanted to move to the cloud because we needed more storage space and more stability for our e-mail environment,” Rabsatt said. “Choosing Office 365 removed complexity, so it really was a no-brainer for us.”

“Using Office 365, we’re able to eliminate technologies we no longer need, which adds to our bottom line,” he explained. “But we’re not just replacing existing functionality – we now have many new resources at our disposal. Our mobile capabilities make it possible for us to interact from anywhere using different modalities for communication. For example, our executive team avoids a lot of travel now that they conduct meetings through integrated videoconferencing. And with collaboration workspaces, our research and development team work together from multiple offices to optimise loads of oil for greater trucking efficiency.”

Thanks to Office 365, when Mansfield Oil adds new employees, the company no longer needs to worry about onboarding lag times thanks to new automated workflows, which take care of many necessary processes. Rabsatt says that this means new employees are able to be productive and feel like part of the team more quickly.

“As we grow, we have to find new and better ways to pool resources and act cohesively for the company’s greater good,” Rabsatt said. “We’re making a cultural shift, and Office 365 is supporting us every step of the way.

The company is now looking to deploy Yammer as its enterprise social network, and replace its phone system with Microsoft Lync Online, in a bid to create an even more flexible working environment for its staff.

“That flexibility extends to nearly every facet of our work environment,” Rabsatt said. “Employees don’t have to be logged onto our network to be productive, and they no longer e-mail spreadsheets around to track projects. Instead, they work on and store documents within Microsoft SharePoint Online, and that ease of use and version control decreases the amount of time it takes to complete each bit of our work. Collaboration among our offices has skyrocketed. With Office 365 as the catalyst, we’ve become a more interconnected business.”

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