DKSH turns to Celebal Technologies for data modernisation in the cloud

DKSH turns to Celebal Technologies for data modernisation in the cloud

Microsoft Azure specialist helped DKSH improve data management and realise business benefits  

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft Azure specialist Celebal Technologies has helped market expansion services provider DKSH to modernise its data management using the Microsoft Azure cloud. 

DKSH turned to Celebal Technologies after struggling to manage its siloed, on-premises data and migrate to a cloud-based solution. As such, the firm spent considerable time trying to understand its data and convert it into actionable insights for its own business, and for its customers.  

To respond to DKSH’s needs, Celebal Technologies designed and implemented a near-real-time, unified enterprise Azure Data Lake. The implementation enabled DKSH to use advanced analytics and machine learning (ML) algorithms, including demand forecasting, by using Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning. 

The collaboration has had several business benefits for DKSH. Using Azure Synapse Analytics in the data migration has established a robust analytics framework and introducing cloud-based Azure Data Lake and Power BI has enabled DKSH to shift to a data-driven and self-service culture. By adopting a unified storage system, DKSH also benefits from seamless data access and less time spent converting data into insights. On top of this, DKSH’s new data landscape facilitates the application of advanced analytics and ML algorithms to drive more accurate demand forecasting and other improvements. 

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