Microsoft announces general availability of Azure Data Factory

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 10 August 2015
Microsoft announces general availability of Azure Data Factory

Microsoft has made the Azure Data Factory cloud-based data integration service generally available.

Azure Data Factory orchestrates existing services that collect raw data, and transforms it into ready-to-use information for users.

The service works across on-premises and cloud data sources, as well as software-as-a-service, to prepare, transform and publish data.

Azure Data Factory manages data flow pipelines, before services such as Azure HDInsight (Hadoop) and Azure Batch can be used to convert the data and provide intelligent insight for users. Azure Machine Learning can also be used to operationalise users’ analytics solutions.

“Go beyond just a tabular monitoring view, and use the rich visualisations of Data Factory to quickly display the lineage and dependencies between your data pipelines,” said Sreedhar Pelluru, senior programmer writer, Microsoft. “Monitor all of your data flow pipelines from a single unified view to easily pinpoint issues and setup monitoring alerts.”

Azure Data Factory can be used to create available data flow pipelines for a range of scenarios across numerous industries. A number of companies, including Rockwell Automation, Alaska Airlines and Ziosk, are already using Data Factory to gain vital insights and gain actionable insights.

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