EuroCIS 2024 to address biggest challenges in the retail industry

EuroCIS 2024 to address biggest challenges in the retail industry


Event will highlight customer-centric solutions, AI and machine learning, payments and smart energy management

Alice Chambers |

Speakers and exhibitors at EuroCIS will cover some of the biggest challenges in the retail industry including digitalisation across omnichannel, checkout, payment and logistics, and the use of artificial intelligence.

Experts will discuss how retailers can offer customer-centric solutions like digital shopping assistants, customer profiles and digitalised, personalised coupons during talks hosted on three stages dedicated to retail technology and at exhibitor stands.  

With the use of AI and machine learning as one of the key technology challenges of the coming years for retailers, the event will also cover AI-based applications such as image recognition and sensors, and the continued use of dynamic pricing in e-commerce.

Meanwhile, sessions on the ‘Connected Retail’ and ‘Retail Technology’ stages will focus on the implementation of mobile checkout solutions that enable online payment methods to be used offline, as well as connectivity.

Additionally, smart energy management will be discussed by several exhibiting Microsoft partners including ACTUM Digital, Deutsche Telekom, Diebold Nixdorf and LS Retail.

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