Microsoft Band Web Tiles and Health Cloud API previews released

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 10 July 2015
Microsoft Band Web Tiles and Health Cloud API previews released

Microsoft has released a new Web Tiles preview and Microsoft Health Cloud API preview for its wearable smart band and health platform.

The Web Tiles feature makes it easier for developers to create tiles for Microsoft Band and enables them to access fitness data stored in the Microsoft Health platform. Microsoft Band Web Tiles are supported on all mobile platforms where Microsoft Health is available including Windows, Android and iOS.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Health Cloud APIs Preview are built on open standards and allow developers to harness fitness data from Microsoft Health to provide users with an analysis of their performance, as well as personalised fitness and exercise recommendations.

“The first set of APIs that we are providing are read-only APIs for Activities and Summaries designed to provide developers read operations for Microsoft Health activity data, as well as interval-based summaries for biometric data,” said Ali Alvi, product manager for the Personal Devices team at Microsoft, in a blog post. “When a user finishes a run, an application can query the Activities API and access details of the run as well as map points for the entire run that can then be used to create a map.”

In addition, Microsoft has also made more enhancements to Microsoft Band SDK based on feedback from developers. First released in preview in February, the SDK was updated in April to allow Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS developers to create apps for Microsoft Band by taking advantage of all sensors in the wearable device.

Following the updates, the software now offers better support for building icons as buttons and enables developers to control the tile screen timeout and refresh third-party tile contents.

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