How Check Point helped improve security for KKCompany

How Check Point helped improve security for KKCompany

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Taiwanese tech firm has deployed CloudGuard Code Security to protect its code and intellectual property

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Taiwan’s KKCompany Technologies provides music and video streaming platforms, as well as technology consulting services spanning cloud, artificial intelligence and more. It serves tens of millions of consumers and delivers digital transformation to enterprise clients across Asia, in areas including telecommunications, media, entertainment, education and fitness.  

As a multinational corporation, KKCompany must comply with multiple regulatory and industry standards. To protect its code and other intellectual property assets, its development team used a source code scanning tool to identify exposed development secrets and credentials. However, it was cumbersome to integrate with the development process, which discouraged project teams from using it. 

Instead, KKCompany wanted a solution from a global market leader that would be quick and easy to integrate into its existing environment to minimise the impact on its overworked IT team. It turned to Check Point Software Technologies for a proof of concept (PoC), with the two firms working closely to ensure KKCompany’s IT team could quickly become familiar with product features and documentation. 

“Check Point met our key requirement for fast, easy integration, delivering a great user experience,” says a KKCompany spokesperson.  

After experiencing Check Point’s proactive approach to supporting the PoC, the corporate security team implemented CloudGuard Code Security to address security for the company’s software development lifecycle. The team integrated CloudGuard Code Security with its GitLab CI Pipeline within minutes during the PoC. Now, the solution scans, monitors, classifies and protects code and other development assets, identifying anomalies within seconds. 

“CloudGuard Code Security is delivering actionable results,” says a KKCompany spokesperson. “Now all of our development teams can easily improve code security with confidence and without affecting their productivity.” 

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