Microsoft enhances Visual Studio 2015 with new CTP

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 25 February 2015
Microsoft enhances Visual Studio 2015 with new CTP

Microsoft has released new Community Technology Previews (CTP) for Visual Studio development environment and Team Foundation Server.

The Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 addresses many of the issues that were raised after the release of its predecessor CTP 5, with John Montgomery, director of Program Management for Visual Studio Platform, saying in a blog post: “I want to thank everyone who tried CTP 5 and gave us feedback. With CTP 6 we have addressed almost all the issues you’ve reported, and you should see a more stable release.”

Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 offers a single sign in service, which means that once a user signs into the first cloud service, they are automatically signed into the next one they use. This means helps speed up app development processes and the number of disruptive authentication prompts given is significantly reduced.

Improvements have been made to ASP.NET runtime, and Xamarin developers using Visual Studio will now be able to reference, build and debug C++ library projects from their Android projects directly by leveraging the Android targeting experience introduced by Visual C++.

CTP 6 also allows users to debug Apache Cordova apps that target Windows Phone 8.1, with users able to set breakpoints, inspect variables and perform other debugging tasks on their Windows Phone 8.1 emulator or attached device.

The CTP 6 release also includes CodeLens file-level indicators that allow users to see the history of their C++, SQL or JavaScript files versioned it Git repositories.

Other enhancements include improvements to Code Maps architecture tools, NuGet, .NET debugging, and XAML user interface debugging, as well as new features being introduced to Visual Studio Emulator for Android. 

A new CTP has also been released for Team Foundation 2015, with merge performance enhancements, more easily viewable history, and the addition of JSON REST APIs, which enables users to easily create and query work items, queue a build, or access source code from any device, platform, or technology stack.

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