Microsoft enters into strategic partnership with Docker

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 16 October 2014
Microsoft enters into strategic partnership with Docker

Microsoft has entered into a strategic partnership with Docker, the company behind the Docker open platform for distributed applications.

The partnership will see Microsoft provide Docker with support for new container technologies that will be delivered in a future release of Windows Server.

Developers and organisations that want to use Docker to create container applications will be able to use either Windows Server or Linux with the Docker ecosystem of users, applications and tools.

“The strength of Windows Server in the enterprise makes its inclusion into the Docker project a watershed event for the Docker community and ecosystem,” said Solomon Hykes, chief technology officer, founder and chief maintainer of Docker. “Creating a common approach and user interface for containerisation and distributed applications will catalyse a new wave of applications that will be transformative across all organisations.”

Working together, Microsoft and Docker will allow developers to create new, compelling business scenarios, meaning Microsoft’s server and cloud platform customers can benefit from the best work of the Docker open source community.

“We recognise the importance of providing flexibility to our customers as they look to innovate in this mobile-first, cloud-first world,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft. “To deliver this flexibility, we are already providing first-class support for Docker and Linux on our rapidly growing cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. Our partnership with Docker further deepens our commitment to help create an open platform powered by choice, bringing together Windows Server and Linux to drive application innovation.”

The partnership’s key components include Docker Engine, an open source runtime that builds, runs and orchestrates containers that will work with the next release of Windows Server.

Docker Engine images for Windows Server will be available in the community-driven Docker Hub, which containers more than 45,000 Docker applications that are currently shared across developer communities.

Docker Hub will also be integrated into Microsoft Azure through the Azure Management Portal and Azure Gallery, meaning Microsoft’s independent software vendors and cloud developers can access to some of the best work of Docker’s community.

Microsoft is contributing to Docker’s open orchestration application programming interfaces, helping to ensure portability for multicontainer applications. This means for the first time, developers can work directly with a preconfigured Docker Engine in Azure to create a multicontainer ‘Dockerised’ application.

“The power of Azure and Windows Server leveraging the Docker platform redefines what enterprises should expect and demand from their cloud,” said Ben Golub, CEO of Docker. “Together, we will provide a framework for building multiplatform distributed applications that can be created with exceptional velocity and deployed and scaled globally.”

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