Microsoft helps CARE provide support for mothers and children

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 10 May 2016
Microsoft helps CARE provide support for mothers and children

CARE – a nonprofit organisation that serves individuals and families in some of the world’s poorest communities – is using Microsoft tools to help deliver a higher level of healthcare and support to vulnerable people.

A CARE-led project in Saharsa in the Bihar region of India is using Microsoft technology, including Windows 10, Office and Microsoft Cloud, to support and educate pregnant women, mothers and infants during the 1,000 critical days from conception to age two. 

550 community healthcare workers at a local CARE office have been set up and provisioned with mobile devices that enable them to register, track and deliver timely care to women and children. 

The devices feature a custom-built app that allows for the real-time collection of health information. 

Workers are able to easily view their schedule and important information on their beneficiaries, as well as having access to a library of videos and information on pertinent topics relating to the needs of mothers and children. 

Following a visit, relevant information can be saved and stored in the Microsoft Cloud, and can then be analysed in aggregate using SQL. This helps prevent duplicative visits to mothers and children – a problem CARE had faced before the solution was introduced.

Thanks to the array of Microsoft tools, more women are going for necessary checkups during pregnancy. 600,000 home visits have been conducted in three years, and mothers are now more willing to be visited and supported by CARE.

“We couldn’t be more excited to help CARE amplify this story as part of celebrating mothers everywhere, and to help enable the work they do in communities like Bihar and around the world,” said Jodi Ellias, director, brand programs, Windows Marketing. “We invested $500,000 cash, with an additional US$2million worth of software, to support CARE’s work in advocating for these women and others.”

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