Microsoft to acquire Intentional Software to build productivity portfolio

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 19 April 2017
Microsoft to acquire Intentional Software to build productivity portfolio

Microsoft is to acquire Intentional Software, a company that has been focused on creating a platform for a new generation of team productivity apps.

Founded in 2002, Intentional Software initially developed solutions to make programming less complicated. Over the past few years, the Intentional Software team has applied its programming expertise to develop productivity scenarios for the future workforce. Consequently, the acquisition will help Microsoft build on the solutions it has developed to deliver productivity, communication and collaboration tools in the enterprise space. The most recent include Surface Hub (pictured) and Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace for Office 365.

“Intentional Software’s technology and talent will enhance our existing capabilities and strengthen our ability to add new tools and services to Microsoft’s robust productivity offering,” said Rajesh Jha, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Office Product Group, in a blog post. “We’re excited about the company’s work on productivity applications, especially given our focus of putting people at the centre of experiences and our continued effort to reimagine collaboration.”

The acquisition will also bring Intentional Software’s founder Charles Simonyi back to Microsoft. Prior to leaving the company in 2002, Simonyi served as chief architect of both Microsoft Word and Excel, spearheading the creation of the Microsoft Office product portfolio.

“During his tenure, Charles oversaw the creation of some of Microsoft’s most well-known productivity applications, such as Excel and Word. Now it’s my honour to welcome Charles back to Microsoft, along with his exceptional team,” said Jha. “I’m confident that the work being done by Intentional Software will be a tremendous asset as we continue to innovate on collaboration tools and experiences for modern workers – and it’s with great pleasure that I welcome the company to Microsoft.”

“Joining Microsoft, the global leader in productivity software, provides an exceptional opportunity for Intentional’s technology to reach knowledge workers everywhere,” said Eric Anderson, CEO of Intentional Software, in a blog post. “Our team at Intentional is humbled by the chance to expand our technology and realise its greatest value within Microsoft’s Office Product Group led by the visionary Rajesh Jha. It’s a perfect place for Intentional to grow and thrive.”

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