Microsoft to sell its Xbox console without Kinect sensor

Microsoft to sell its Xbox console without Kinect sensor

Microsoft will sell its Xbox console without the Kinect motion controller worldwide from 9 June at a price of $US399 (£349).

The console will offer games, free entertainment apps, such as Twitch gaming platform, YouTube, and Netflix, as well as the ability to watch live TV and use OneGuide

The company will also offer a standalone sensor for Xbox One in the autumn and will share more details about the Kinect for Xbox One sensor in the coming months.

Microsoft was keen to highlight that Kinect will still remain a key part of the Xbox offering for those that want it.

Yusuf Mehdi, head of Xbox business strategy, told the BBC that the sensing abilities of the peripheral were what helped to make the Xbox One console a "differentiated offering".

"I'm glad that we launched with Kinect," he said. "I'm glad that Kinect is a core part of the value proposition for Xbox One."

The company said that more than 80% of people are actively using Kinect, with an average of 120 voice commands per month on each console.

It will still offer an Xbox One with Kinect bundle to deliver voice and gesture controls, biometric sign-in, instant personalisation, instant scanning of QR codes, and features only available with Kinect in games, such as ‘Kinect Sports Rivals’, ‘Just Dance 2014’, ‘Project Spark’.  

Microsoft is also set to release its Kinect for Windows v2 in summer.

The business-focused hardware has already proved popular in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and retail.

Canadian firm Jintronix is using Kinect for Windows technology to ensure the rehabilitation process of stroke victims is a smooth and successful one.

NEC has developed a Kinect for Windows ‘smart shelf’ application that tailors text on digital signage to fit individual shoppers. This identifies shoppers who stop at the display and uses analytics to determine consumer attributes as age, gender and level of engagement.

NASA is also using the latest Kinect for Windows technology to control a robotic arm remotely.

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