Microsoft uses Fujitsu’s PalmSecure to advance security

Elizabeth Robinson
By Elizabeth Robinson on 12 February 2018
Microsoft uses Fujitsu’s PalmSecure to advance security

Microsoft is using communication-systems provider Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology to advance security within the workplace and prevent security attacks.

PalmSecure is an authentication system which uses biometric technology to identify users based on unique vein patterns rather than iris scanners or fingerprint readers.

In a recent blog post Christian Bock, global marketing director at Fujitsu, discusses the partnership and the benefits of the PalmSecure solution.

“PalmSecure, the technology behind palm vein authentication, maps the veins under your skin to confirm identity,” said Bock. “Already used by companies and organisations around the world, including Banco Bradesco and Lotte Card, palm vein technology is designed to provide access protection for devices and prevent compromised credentials.”

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