Microsoft’s new Edge browser now available to download

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 16 January 2020
Microsoft’s new Edge browser now available to download

The new Microsoft Edge is available to download on devices using Windows and macOS. Based on Google Chromium, it will give users a faster and more reliable service, as well as a range of new security, privacy and extension features. 

When installing the new browser on up-to-date Windows 10 devices, it will replace the previous version. All settings from this version will be carried over, including passwords, browser history and other web settings, to ensure a seamless user experience. The system will automatically update on Android and iOS devices. 

Edge users can skip the manual download process and wait for the automatic rollout as part of a future Windows 10 update. Microsoft will start migrating customers to the browser over the coming weeks. 

Enterprise customers can take full control of the new deployment on their managed devices as they will not be automatically updated. For these users, the new browser also offers an Internet Explorer mode to improve compatibility with older websites. The updated Edge will also feature better translations through Bing Translate and a more natural ‘read aloud’ experience. Microsoft will continue to add new capabilities with future updates. 

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