Nadella unveils series of enhancements to Microsoft’s cloud offering

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 21 October 2014
Nadella unveils series of enhancements to Microsoft’s cloud offering

Satya Nadella has outlined how Microsoft is using Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics to deliver the industry’s most complete cloud.

Speaking at an event in San Francisco, the Microsoft CEO also announced several enhancements to the company’s hyper-scale, enterprise-grade, hybrid cloud platform.

These enhancements include the new Azure G-series of virtual machines and Premium Storage, the general availability of the Microsoft Cloud Platform System, a new Azure Marketplace, and partnerships with Cloudera and CoreOS.

“The enterprises of today and tomorrow demand a cloud platform that is reliable, scalable and flexible,” said Nadella. “With more than 80% of the Fortune 500 on the Microsoft cloud, we are delivering the industry’s most complete cloud — for every business, every industry and every geography.”

To meet the growing demand for cloud computing, Microsoft is bringing Azure to new geographies, with Australia the latest region to benefit. The platform will be generally available in the country next week, and by the end of this year Microsoft Azure will be operational in 19 regions around the world.

The release of the G-series of virtual machines and premium storage for Microsoft Azure sees the company offer the largest virtual machine available in the public cloud to date. Together with Azure Premium Storage, the new releases will deliver the scale and performance necessary for enterprises and developers to run the most demanding workloads in the cloud.

Nadella also unveiled the Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS). Powered by Dell, CPS brings together Azure, Windows Server and Microsoft System Center to deliver an ‘Azure-consistent cloud in a box’. Pre-integrated hardware from Dell and software from Microsoft enables CPS to deliver learnings from Azure with the control of an on-premises appliance, and will be available for purchase from 3 November.

The new Azure Marketplace will help connect the ecosystem of startups and independent software vendors with enterprise customers everywhere. Azure customers will be able to search and deploy their favoured operating system, service or application quickly and easily.

Cloudera and CoreOS have also been added to the list of Microsoft partners, joining companies such as Oracle and Docker in the Azure Marketplace.

Cloudera is a leading enterprise analytics and data management company, and the partnership will provide a quick and easy way to deploy Cloudera Enterprise, connect to Microsoft Power BI and discover new insights.

CoreOS is a container-based Linux operating system that is now available to all Azure customers. Users can deploy CoreOS images directly from the Azure Marketplace from Monday, and the partnership helps strengthen Microsoft’s support for Linux on Azure.

“Our ecosystem is the backbone of our cloud platform, and our embrace of open source technologies is at the heart,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft. “By helping to create an open platform powered by choice and flexibility, we are enabling the enterprises and developers of today and tomorrow to connect with each other and create new business opportunities in the mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

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