New network created to help public sector organisations fight cybercrime

Lindsay James
Lindsay James
By Lindsay James on 13 November 2015
New network created to help public sector organisations fight cybercrime

Nine independent consultants with diverse backgrounds have come together to form the CYbersecurity and cybercrime Advisors Network (CyAN). The network aims to help public and private organisations, government and experts to understand cybersecurity and lead the fight against cybercrime.

The nine independent consultants include: Monika Josi, Microsoft’s former chief security advisor for EMEA; Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, a former director of  Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit; and Jonathan Bourguignon, a former EU legal consultant for cybercrime issues.

“Strengthening cybersecurity requires the ability to be open to different disciplines,” explains Le Toquin, who is president of the association. “This is a real challenge for businesses in need of guidance as well as for the experts themselves. In practice, CyAN aims to provide an international platform which helps identify and connect trusted advisors from various disciplines.”

CyAN promotes an approach that is different from other existing organisations. Indeed, the association does not only bring together experts in cybersecurity. Its members believe that a multidisciplinary cooperation, based on complementarity of profiles, age or professional experiences, is key to foster safety and security in a digital world, and for any progress in human society more generally.

It’s this, says Le Toquin, that makes the organisation unique. “Of course there are a number of very active and efficient organisations out there, which promote the importance of cybersecurity and represent the views and interests of their knowledgeable members. Some groups bring together professionals which are on the front line of securing the IT infrastructure, such as the chief security officers and chief information security officers. Some other groups represent the business interest of companies, at national or regional level. What we could not find was an association that would bring together not only professionals in (cyber)security, but also professionals from a broad variety of disciplines, from business to human sciences and from innovation to law enforcement, notwithstanding finance, tax, design… you name them.”

In addition to promoting a multidisciplinary approach in cybersecurity and in the fight against cybercrime, CyAN supports its members in broadening their horizon through an exchange of good practices with other advisors.

“Cybersecurity impacts all levels of an organisation. Our focus is to connect advisors, who, according to their experience, are best placed to communicate with each team in particular,” explains Christian Aghroum, CyAN’s vice-president in charge of external relations.

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