New Windows 10 browser is named Microsoft Edge

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 30 April 2015
New Windows 10 browser is named Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is to call its new Windows 10 web browser Microsoft Edge.

Previously codenamed Project Spartan, the browser was designed to increase interoperability and will replace Internet Explorer as the default browser for Windows 10 devices. The name was revealed at Build 2015, which will be held in San Francisco in California, US, from 29 April to 1 May.

Named after the EdgeHTML rendering engine Microsoft is using to build Windows 10, the browser will feature an address bar, a built-in reading list, website preview functionality and a desktop Hub icon, which will enable users to view their favourites, browsing history and current downloads.

Users can also directly annotate web pages and use the New Tabs function to access their top pages, apps associated with those websites, featured apps and other information based on their previous search history.

Microsoft Edge will also be integrated with Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana. When used via the task bar, Cortana will verbally respond to requests and will also provide additional written information if a user selects words or phrases on a website. Cortana will also appear at the top of the browser when it thinks a user needs more information about a web page, such as the phone number and opening hours of a restaurant to enable them to make a reservation.

In addition, Microsoft has added support for Chrome and Firefox extensions, which can be optimised for Edge by making ‘a few changes’.

Although it will be the only browser running on Windows 10 mobile, users can download Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11 for laptops, larger tablets, or desktops. It is not yet known whether Edge will be available on other mobile platforms.

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