Nintex and Microsoft are driving transformation journeys

Ryan Duguid tells us more about how the firms are working to empower next-level digital transformation at organisations including Synchrony Financial and Mars

Ryan Duguid
By Ryan Duguid on 15 August 2019
Nintex and Microsoft are driving transformation journeys

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Today’s pioneers have gone beyond acknowledging the need for digital transformation and are now focused on putting those plans into practice. This involves looking at legacy internal processes that are impeding  growth. 

Nintex and Microsoft together are empowering enterprises to address these problems with Nintex for Office 365 (O365), a platform that merges Nintex’s process expertise with the trusted capabilities of O365. The result is a powerful tool to realise new business value and level-up transformation efforts – illustrated by two examples.

First, Nintex worked with Synchrony Financial, a financial services company based in the US, to replace an outdated and cumbersome internal support tool that had been used internally for more than 20 years to manage workflows and store documents. As Synchrony grew, it required a more sophisticated solution. It turned to Nintex to help it move to Office 365.

Working alongside Synchrony, and in tandem with Microsoft team members in New York, Nintex piloted Synchrony’s journey from a 20-year legacy product to full adoption of SharePoint Online, Office 365 and Nintex Workflow in only a year and a half. In that time, Synchrony was able to automate more than 300 internal processes and it now builds an average of 55 forms and 35 workflows a month as it prepares to move its IT infrastructure entirely off-premises.

In another successful engagement, Nintex helped global manufacturer Mars bring standardisation and efficiency to aging processes. Like Synchrony, Mars was operating an internal portal that had aged past the point of efficacy. 

Mars’ portal was compliance-focused and created to ensure its associates remained properly trained. But when the legacy portal began to buckle under the weight of 100,000 global employees – operating with delays and dropping information – Mars’s leadership knew they needed a better tool. Because it was already a Microsoft operation, Mars wanted a solution that integrated with and improved upon the Microsoft platform. Nintex provided that solution, working proactively to turn an unreliable and hard-to-use portal into a true self-service resource. In the process, Nintex saved Mars’s IT team time they’d otherwise spend manually addressing the inefficiencies of an unsustainable portal. 

Through engagements like these, Nintex is working to help businesses realise the true value of their Microsoft resources and take the next step in their digital transformation journeys.   

Ryan Duguid is chief evangelist at Nintex

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