Overcoming supply chain planning issues with Intuiflow

Nicole Marcillac
By Nicole Marcillac on 30 August 2022
Overcoming supply chain planning issues with Intuiflow

In today’s fast-paced world, companies are challenged with hard-to-identify demand signals, increasing number of stock-keeping units, longer lead times, global sourcing, less reliable forecasts and decreasing customer tolerance. Despite the billions of dollars invested in material requirements planning (MRP) systems over the last 25 years, statistics from the Federal Reserve indicate that inventory turnover rates of USA-based manufacturers are the same today as they were 25 years ago.

How can it be that in an era in which we are sending people to space with iPads, companies are still not able to improve the most basic inventory metric?

In 2011, we embarked on the mission of challenging the status quo in supply chain planning by launching Replenishment+, now known as Intuiflow. The software solution is fully compliant across Demand Driven MRP, Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning and Demand Driven Operating Model.

Designed to drive a real paradigm shift in supply chain planning, our philosophy revolves around building agility by planning material procurement and manufacturing based on the most accurate demand signal – the actual consumption in the market – instead of unreliable forecasts.

Ensuring the alignment of true sales order demand and related requirements for materials, our cloud-based solution enables companies to obtain better on-time, in-full (OTIF) order fill rates whilst concurrently lowering inventory levels.

Now organisations using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Finance can benefit from a seamless two-way integration with Intuiflow to build more responsive and reliable operations.

Driven by innovation, our mission is to deliver tangible and sustainable results; a promise we’ve kept to over 130 clients across various industries.

One of them, Coca Cola Beverages Africa, witnessed a 13 per cent reduction in stock-outs, while OTIF deliveries increased by 12 per cent. The ease-of-use and clear recommendations Intuiflow provided were significant for Coca-Cola, allowing it to build a competitive advantage in the emerging African market.

Learn more about Coca Cola Beverages Africa’s full demand driven transformation.

Nicole Marcillac is marketing director at Demand Driven Technologies

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