Automated Intelligence migrates local council to Office 365

Automated Intelligence migrates local council to Office 365
Move will help the organisation to reduce costs, comply with GDPR and manage its data assets

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Data management company Automated Intelligence (AI) and consultancy firm risual will migrate a local council to Microsoft Office 365 to reduce costs, manage its vast amount of unstructured data and comply with General Data Protection Regulation. 

The project will help the local council make better use of its Office 365 investment, replace legacy IT infrastructure, reduce risk associated with personal information and enhance productivity by enabling staff to work at any time and place using Office 365. 

“Working from the cloud will allow users to work with enhanced productivity and collaborate in a more efficient way,” said Eamon O’Connor, partner solutions specialist at Automated Intelligence. “We are delighted our continued strategic partnership with risual allows us to deliver cloud-based solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.”  

As part of the project, Automated Intelligence will deploy its data management platform, AI.DATALIFT, to identify all redundant, outdated and trivial data to improve business processes and reduce costs. 

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