Palisade launches BigPicture for Microsoft Excel solution

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 09 January 2015
Palisade launches BigPicture for Microsoft Excel solution

Palisade, a provider of decision and risk analysis solutions, has launched BigPicture for Microsoft Excel, a diagramming, mind mapping and data visualisation tool.

Aimed at strategic planners, data analysts and human resources professionals, the tool is based completely in Microsoft Excel and a beta version is currently available for download.

The solution helps decision makers organise ideas and create dynamic topical maps from any type of spreadsheet data.

The tool links closely with the mind mapping technique, which involves the creation of visual diagrams to help organise information. 

BigPicture can be used for traditional mind mapping exercises, which ordinarily see ideas and topics being drawn in shapes around a beginning concept, or for ‘free form’ diagramming, which may be used for more abstract problems.

The solution has been developed for use in a range of areas, including data analytics, financial planning, strategic planning, business process management, operations research, decision modelling, human resources functions and marketing analytics.

Maps created with BigPicture can be shared with any Microsoft Excel user, even those without the solutions installed on their own machines.

“With BigPicture, Palisade aims to provide users with new and visually exciting ways to model decisions and gain insights into their data, in the flexible environment of Excel,” said Randy Heffernan, vice president, Palisade. “We expect BigPicture to be a valuable resource tool across many industries, within a variety of roles.”

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