Milk Source turns to Skyline Technologies to help track clientele

Milk Source turns to Skyline Technologies to help track clientele
The solution uses a combination of SharePoint, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps

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US based company Milk Source operates quality dairies in Wisconsin, Michigan and Missouri, producing milk that is used to make cheese, butter and other dairy products. It also has a Wisconsin calf farm and a heifer-raising facility. Milk Source is a leader in modern sustainable agriculture, finding safe, reliable and expandable technologies that tie economic success with environmental stewardship.

The dairy provider recently took on a new venture, and the geographically dispersed sales and marketing team needed a new and accurate way to track clientele. They found that traditional CRM solutions were too large and complex. Facing an aggressive timeline but needing a custom solution, they turned to Skyline Technologies.

“Skyline did a remarkable job building the tools for the team to operate like this in a very short amount of time,” said Timothy Cummings, IT network engineer at Milk Source.

Skyline Technologies met with key people in their team to gather requirements and formulated a road map to meet their aggressive timeline. Using a combination of SharePoint, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps, Skyline provided a low-cost solution that far surpassed the client’s expectations.

In SharePoint, a sales team hub was designed to bring together lists to track opportunities, customers and contacts, document libraries for relevant marketing materials and presentation templates, and a list of the sales team members, all in a single easy-to-use dashboard. Through PowerApps and Flow, Skyline integrated the various SharePoint lists into a cohesive, mobile-friendly solution that allowed the sales team real-time access and interaction with their data.

Skyline delivered a custom development solution using the Office 365 suite of tools to create a ‘CRM Lite.’

SharePoint allowed the team to collaborate, store and manage various data. PowerApps allowed the Sales and Marketing team to track clientele exactly as they needed to without additional and unused functions of a traditional CRM.

By utilising tools they already have with their Office 365 subscription, Milk Source saved the potential spend of a CRM system (including annual licensing as well as consulting fees) while enabling their teams to share ideas and work together – which they had not been able to do in the past.

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