Skytap partners with Microsoft to bring legacy applications to the cloud

Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 11 September 2019
Skytap partners with Microsoft to bring legacy applications to the cloud

Cloud provider Skytap has partnered with Microsoft to bring legacy applications to the cloud. The service will provide support for a range of application stacks such as IBM Power-based solutions running on AIX, IBM i, and Linux.

Through this collaboration, Skytap’s service on Microsoft Azure will provide enterprises with a platform to enhance the value of traditional applications without the major expense of re-platforming.

“Migrating to the cloud by first replacing older technologies is time consuming and risky,” said Brad Schick, CEO of Skytap. “Skytap’s goal has always been to provide businesses with a path to get these systems into the cloud with little change and less risk. Working with Microsoft, we will bring Skytap’s native support for a wide range of legacy applications to Microsoft Azure, including those dependent on IBM i, AIX, and Linux on Power. This will give businesses the ability to extend the life of traditional systems and increase their value by modernizing with Azure services.”

Skytap is also helping customers leverage web services, mobile capabilities, artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT), by enabling them to lift and extend a legacy IBM i application using DB2 on Skytap and augmenting it with Azure IoT Hub. The application spans old and new architectures, removing the need to rewrite applications in order to benefit from cloud capabilities. 

“We recognise that enterprises have many critical systems that were not designed with the cloud in mind,” said Eric Lockard, Corporate Vice President of Azure Specialized Workloads at Microsoft. “Skytap’s ability to migrate and run these applications natively in Microsoft Azure with minimal changes accelerates cloud adoption. Once running in Microsoft Azure businesses can enhance traditional systems with cloud native services, opening new options for innovation and delivery of customer value.”

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