Social enterprise is more important now than ever, says Deloitte research

Social enterprise is more important now than ever, says Deloitte research

Deloitte’s new Leading the social enterprise: Reinvent with a human focus report has found that despite business leaders believing socially responsible enterprises are more important now than ever, only 19% of business leaders are ready to embrace it. 

As part of the Global Human Capital Trends series, Deloitte examined how organisations can reinvent themselves on a broad scale, by interacting, motivating and personalising experiences with the workforce to build identity and meaning for their workers. 

It found that across its 10,000 participants in 119 countries, respondents believe in putting their employees at the centre of business strategies, noting a positive link between leading the social enterprise and an organisation’s financial performance. In fact, 73% of these enterprises expect stronger business growth in 2019 as a result. 

“There is a lot of discussion about organisational purpose and while I agree that it is important, what’s missing for many organisations is the focus on the individual and the day-to-day challenges that workers are facing,” said Erica Volini, US human capital leader at Deloitte Consulting. “The reality is that while technology is helping organisations gain competitive advantage, if not managed appropriately, it can simultaneously mean that workers lose their identity in the workplace. 

“We see a call to action for organisations to reinvent their approach to human capital with the worker in mind to create opportunities for continuous learning, accelerated development, and professional and personal growth.”

The report also demonstrates the importance of reskilling aging workforces and providing them with opportunities for continued learning as technological advancements accelerate. 

Read the full report here.

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