Supporting digital transformation at Telefónica

Lindsay James
Lindsay James
By Lindsay James on 27 October 2016
Supporting digital transformation at Telefónica

This article first appeared in the Autumn 2016 issue of The Record.

Since its inception, Telefónica has worked hard to stay ahead of the technology curve. “We were one of the first telcos that focused on the digitisation of the company to provide future communications to our customers,” says Aitor Goyenechea, director of global internal communications at Telefónica. “We are moving from selling voice services to creating new products around the internet of things, communication technologies, and cities of tomorrow. We are focused on improving consumers’ digital experiences by connecting them to an open and safe internet.”

Telefónica is making a successful transition to the digital economy by carrying out its own digital transformation. The company’s new workplace features cloud-based business productivity tools that employees use to enhance mobility, agility, and global collaboration. “We are active in 21 different countries, and our workforce speaks four languages,” says Goyenechea. “We chose Microsoft Office 365 as a key strategic tool to foster new ways of breaking silos and working more productively in global teams.”

To support its digital transformation, Telefónica relies on a strong corporate social network using Yammer, among other components of Office 365. The company believes that by encouraging an online employee community based on respectful, enlightened conversations and problem solving, a concept it calls ‘intelligent altruism’, Telefónica will evolve from a hierarchical organisation to a global community of engaged employees.

The business benefits of the transformation are significant. With Yammer already entrenched in the company – currently more than 95,000 employees have accounts, and there are more than 600 active groups in the main network with more than 35,000 messages every month –Telefónica staffers are ‘working out loud’ to solve problems faster and generate ideas that support their company’s strategies.

 “When our employees use Yammer to be part of the discussion, they internalise and adopt the strategies and work on them with real commitment,” says Luz Rodrigo, enterprise social strategist at Telefónica. “The more employees use Yammer to engage in meaningful conversation, the stronger our digital culture becomes – and the more agile and competitive we are. Yammer already feels like a tradition that’s here to stay.”


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