Supporting frontline consultants at Bupa

Bupa’s front-line consultants needed access to systems that enable them to provide a more rewarding and satisfying customer experience. Avanade provided a solution

Lindsay James
Lindsay James
By Lindsay James on 14 May 2015
Supporting frontline consultants at Bupa

This article was originally published in the Spring 2015 issue of OnWindows.

Bupa offers health insurance to around four million Australians and is backed by a call centre and retail network. Providing personalised and meaningful interactions through its frontline staff is an important part of the way Bupa serves its health insurance customers.

In recent times, Bupa has embarked on a journey to overhaul its knowledge management system – a system where front-line consultants sourced information for customers’ enquiries. But information within the system was often hard to find and frequently required frontline consultants to reference multiple sources, routinely opening a number of PC windows to equip themselves to handle calls.

To ensure that customers received what they needed from their interactions with the frontline, Bupa initiated a review of its system to replace it with a central hub of Bupa best practice knowledge and information, which would act as a reliable and trusted source of truth.

Avanade stepped up, partnering with Bupa’s CIO plus customer service and IT teams, to build Know-it, a responsive and proactive knowledge portal using the Sitecore Content Management System and built on the Microsoft platform.

The Know-it system was designed to mesh with content repositories and posting processes on the knowledge development side, and incorporated tried and tested common processes for creating and using content. “Know-it is an intuitive, flexible and adaptive system that makes life so much easier for our front-line teams,” explains Gael Filippini, Bupa’s director of customer service. “It gives them access at their fingertips, probably for the first time, to information that makes their roles just that little bit easier.”

Multiple Avanade expert areas were engaged to quickly help transform Bupa’s frontline consultants’ access to timely information. Overall, Know-it has become an important enabler of serving the current and evolving needs of Bupa’s customers.

The solution is delivering excellent results to date. Bupa CIO, Peter Powell, assessed the system’s success and found himself amazed by the efficiency of the new system in providing simple and efficient access for frontline teams. Key solution benefits include access to readily available current and accurate content on Bupa health insurance policies, products, operational procedures, campaigns and technical communications.

Frontline staff can easily access enquiry-based content to help them find answers, interpret information and communicate with customers. They also benefit from a personalised user experience, where content is delivered based on their role.

What’s more, there’s clear, easy-to-follow governance around content creation, approvals and re-use, simplifying roles for multiple Bupa professionals.


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