CloudMoyo launches Machine Learning JumpStart Program

CloudMoyo launches Machine Learning JumpStart Program
Four-week project aims to help midsized firms prepare for machine learning adoption

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner CloudMoyo has launched its four-week Machine Learning (ML) JumpStart Program. The project is designed to help chief information officers of medium-sized firms understand how ready their organisation is to adopt ML.

As part of the programme, CloudMoyo will provide recommendations for ML use cases for machine learning technologies, given the availability of an organisation’s relevant data sets. It aims to help businesses unlock the value of ML technologies and provide recommendations for how businesses can address the challenges associated with adopting and deploying ML.

“Our customers have benefited from both normative analysis and predictive algorithms that improve business decisions and drive transformative business results,” says Manish Kedia, co-founder and CEO of CloudMoyo. 

The firm’s expertise in AI and ML can help businesses build models for effectively analysing existing and future data streams.

Read the full news release here.

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