Generative AI Summit to explore how organisations can enhance AI proficiency

Generative AI Summit to explore how organisations can enhance AI proficiency

Key topics will include risk management, strategic investment and the potential of generative AI to improve processes, creativity and innovation

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Generative AI Summit will feature a range of sessions that focus on enhancing AI proficiency across organisations.

Tailored sessions, under the theme of ‘Empowering AI Mastery’, aim to upskill the workforce for AI proficiency, ensuring they can fully leverage the potential of generative AI. There will also be expert-led discussions on identifying and managing risks associated with AI adoption, facilitating a smooth and secure transition.

In addition, the event will offer insights into strategic AI investment and resource allocation, with detailed case studies and panels focuses on maximising return on investment. For example, Laura Edell, chief data scientist of AI markets and innovation at Microsoft UK, will join a panel of experts from The Open University, Reckitt and Richemont Group to highlight how organisations can stay competitive with AI transformation strategies.

Other key topics lined up include ethical AI practices, infrastructure optimisation and innovative use cases across industries.

“By harnessing the power of generative AI, businesses can streamline processes, enhance creativity and unlock innovative solutions to complex problems,” said a spokesperson for the event. “Its potential spans across various industries, from art and entertainment to healthcare and finance, offering unprecedented opportunities for advancement and disruption.”

The early bird discount for the event ends 26 April 2024. Register for the event.

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