Talis Clinical builds new anesthesiology solution on Microsoft Azure

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 10 October 2014
Talis Clinical builds new anesthesiology solution on Microsoft Azure

Talis Clinical has built its new ACG-Anesthesia clinical anesthesiology solution on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Providing real-time information that enables clinically relevant care to be delivered across the entire perioperative care process, the ACG-Anesthesia solution directs advanced clinical and operational guidance to the point of care. This helps facilitate improved patient outcomes, revenue cycle enhancement and documentation compliance.

Talis Clinical was established in 2013 to bring to market a comprehensive anesthesia system developed at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, US.

The company’s clinicians developed ACG-Anesthesia to streamline the process of providing the surgical team with real-time information required to support the health and safety of patients, from preparing for surgery through to intensive care and recovery treatments.

The solution also helps hospitals collect and report information that is required by regulatory bodies, helping them manage documentation for insurers, payers and other quality improvement initiatives.

Microsoft collaborated with Talis Clinical throughout the development process, helping to evolve the solution from a custom-built, on-premises installation in all 300 operating rooms at the Cleveland Clinic to a fully commercialised clinical product in the cloud.

“In the operating room, anesthesiologists must manage hundreds of details about the patient’s condition to ensure the best possible outcomes,” said Gary Colister, chief operating officer of Talis Clinical. “Outside the operating room, anesthesiologists are frequently responsible for several patients simultaneously, across multiple rooms and caregiver teams. Azure is critical to supporting ACG-Anesthesia. It allows us to support and monitor our patients with confidence and fewer technology resources so we can better support Talis Clinical’s applications.”

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