TRUSTECH to focus on Unlimited Innovation this November

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 14 October 2015
TRUSTECH to focus on Unlimited Innovation this November

Unlimited Innovation will be the central theme at TRUSTECH (formerly CARTES Secure Connexions), an annual conference for the secure payment, identification and mobility sector.

The conference, which is to take place from 17-19 November in Paris, France, will welcome more than 460 international exhibitors, 20,000 visitors and over 40 CEO speakers from the finance retail, telecommunications, government, healthcare and transport industries.

Focused on how the banking, telecommunications and retail industries can deploy new digital business models, the first day of the conference will include keynotes from various key industry players. For example, attendees will hear from John Rossman, former director of Enterprise Services at, and find out how fintech is transforming the industry from Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Club. Delegates will also be able to attend panel debates and conference sessions focused on topics such as new payment methods and innovative identification technologies.

The second day, which has been organised in partnership with innovation agency FaberNovel and sponsored by Galitt, will focus on how to secure new payment technologies and solutions.

Other conference highlights will include the annual SESAMES Awards, which will recognise the industry’s best 2015 innovations, and the Innovation Playground, where attendees can test various contactless technologies and tablets.

In addition, the Startup Challenge will give five of the most innovative startups of 2015 the opportunity to promote their data, payment, identification and mobility solutions. It also allows them to network with key industry players, gain priority access to their target markets and secure financial backing.

In 2014, the challenge was won by truRating, which has developed a service to enable companies to measure real-time customer satisfaction levels immediately upon sale, whether it takes place online or at a physical sales outlet.

“Winning the Startup Challenge at CARTES Secure Connexions 2014 was a pivotal moment for us a company,” said Georgina Nelson, CEO and founder of truRating. “Being recognised in the payments industry as a company who was bringing innovation and an exciting in-demand product to the payments industry by CARTES Secure Connexions and its judging panel brought us fantastic PR and interest from many of our current and prospect partners.”

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