Microsoft achieves Cloud Data Management Capabilities certification

Microsoft achieves Cloud Data Management Capabilities certification


EDM Council scored Microsoft based on its ability to accelerate the migration of data to the cloud

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft has completed the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) 14 Key Controls and Automations certification from EDM Council.

The EDM Council’s CDMC Working Group is made up of over 300 professionals participating from over 100 businesses, including Microsoft which joined the EDM Council’s CDMC Work Group in May 2020 when it began developing its data governance and compliance solution Microsoft Purview. 

EDM Council scored Microsoft on its data management capability by considering its ability to meet the 14 key controls with tests conducted by Accenture and Avanade. The key controls are arranged in six categories: governance and accountability, cataloguing and classification, accessibility and usage, protection and privacy, data lifecycle, and data and technical architecture.  

This certification demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to providing comprehensive CDMC cloud data management automations and controls for protecting sensitive data to accelerate trusted cloud adoption,” said Mike Flasko, vice president and general manager of data governance at Microsoft, in a recent Microsoft blog post

CDMC 14 key controls

CDMC’s 14 key controls for managing data risk are arranged into six different categories (Image: EDM Council)

“Microsoft’s certification of the CDMC 14 Automated Key Controls is an impressive accomplishment because it marks the completion of a comprehensive, in-depth confirmation of their cloud leadership,” said John Bottega, president of EDM Council. “Having its cloud platform independently certified will give Microsoft’s clients even greater confidence in accelerating their own adoption of cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies with the assurance that their data is controlled and protected.”

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