Five reasons you should choose Dynamics 365 Business Central

Five reasons you should choose Dynamics 365 Business Central

Camilo Lascano Tribin from Advantage says the cloud-based model is the best option for SMEs

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Microsoft’s latest all-in-one business management solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central, is the ideal cloud-based ERP solution for small businesses that are just starting out or are readying themselves to supercharge their growth in the next 12-18 months.


Put simply, no other software-as-a-solution (SaaS) has the capability, scalability and affordability that Dynamics 365 Business Central can offer.

With the Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential licence coming in at £52 per user, per month and including everything from human resource management to customer relationship management, financial management and supply chain management, the scope of work that can be achieved with this one tool is unparalleled.

If you’re still on the fence about Business Central being the right solution for you, here are five reasons that will settle the matter for you.

1. Scalability with controlled cost
When you’re a small business that’s just starting out your number one priority is to grow as quickly as you can. You want to set yourself up for success, build strong customer relationships and have the agility and speed to adapt to changing circumstances as your business matures.

This is especially true if you’re a business that has to earn to grow. For this reason alone, Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ideal choice for SMEs wanting to gain control of their cash flow and have the ability to scale up quickly and pull back when certain risks don't pay off. Dynamics 365 Business Central’s pay for what you use model means you never have to be worried that you’re spending valuable cash on tools you don’t need or aren’t using. Likewise, the fact that you pay a fixed monthly licence fee means your software investment costs are predictable

2. Instantly usable
With close to 20 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and Managed Services solutions, Advantage is well positioned as an ERP and Cloud partner to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for your business. Our QuickStart approach has, in some instances, gotten companies up and running within three days. Our ability to deliver the solution simply and with speed means your business suffers minimal to no downtime and the barrier to entry is almost completely removed.

3. Increased mobility
One of the most well-known advantages of cloud technology is the freedom of movement it provides workers. Rather than having to work in a centralised location, Dynamics 365 Business Central gives employees the opportunity to work securely on any device, in any location. Empowering your staff to work with all the bells and whistles they would traditionally get in the office – be they at home or at a client’s site – means your business can be productive, while also offering flexibility.

4. 360-degree view of data and insights
When you’re working with an all-in-one business management solution all your systems are connected, your data is centralised and your insights feed into one another to provide you with a complete real-time analysis of your business. With siloed systems and disparate data being a major pain point for businesses of all sizes, nipping this issue in the bud early on by having an integrated system makes perfect sense for a business trying to make their mark.

5. Best-in-class security
Stand on the shoulder of giants and leverage the security infrastructure that Microsoft’s Cloud provides all users. Cloud solutions inherently have built-in features that make sure all your data is automatically backed-up and your data is securely stored. Add to this the expertise that a managed services provider, like Advantage, can offer in regards to additional layers of security, such as Firewall protection, connectivity integrity and email security, and you’re setting yourself up to have one of the most secure IT infrastructures available at an affordable price.

Camilo Lascano Tribin is marketing communications and content manager at ‎Advantage Business Systems Limited

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