Banyan Security integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Banyan Security integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Move provides users with zero-trust access controls to improve security of hybrid environments

Elly Yates-Roberts |

US-based Banyan Security has launched an integration between Banyan Security Zero Trust Remote Access and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). The move aims to provide users with zero-trust access controls, to improve the security of hybrid environments. 

The firm says that the integration enables customers to deliver “secure, one-click access to on-premises web apps, and data centre and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) resources, delivering seamless experiences users have grown accustomed to with software-as-a-service applications”.

“Many companies with cloud migration directives are faced with security choices that feel like changing wheels on a moving vehicle,” said John Dasher, vice president of product marketing at Banyan Security. “Our integration with Microsoft Azure AD makes it easy for them to ‘SaaSify’ data centre apps and resources so they get the same secure access while offering users the seamless experience they get with cloud apps.”

For Windows Server Active Directory customers moving to Azure AD as part of their cloud migration, Banyan Security says that is offers “an easy path to incorporate zero-trust access without adding management complexity or diminishing end user productivity”. As part of its integration, Banyan Security automatically discovers IaaS and data centre resources, which enables administrators to automate access control. This removes the manual, time-consuming and error-prone steps normally associated with providing secure access to users. 

“With Banyan Security, Microsoft Azure AD customers now have another option to protect their infrastructure with a zero-trust approach,” said Sue Bohn, a partner director at Microsoft. “Banyan Security’s integration with Azure AD extends zero-trust access controls to all types of resources, making it easier to stay secure in the hybrid work environment.”

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