Why telco companies should partner for growth

Steve Haworth from TeleWare explains that partnerships play a key role in helping telecommunications providers to improve customer experience, increase productivity and remain compliant

By Guest on 18 August 2016
Why telco companies should partner for growth

This article first appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of The Record.

TeleWare, which provides integrated communications technology to help companies increase employee productivity, enhance the customer experience and meet regulatory requirements, hosted its Partnering for Growth event this March. The event highlighted how forming partnerships can help companies remain agile, meet evolving customer expectations and achieve longevity in today’s rapidly evolving telecommunications (telco) landscape.

Speaking at the event, Gary Barnett, chief analyst of software at Ovum highlighted that the average lifespan of a company in 1960 was 56 years and fell to just 15 years in 2014. Is this decline the result of the increasingly competitive market in which businesses now operate? If so, we must find new ways for companies to operate more effectively. 

TeleWare believes that partnerships play a key role in helping companies to gain a competitive advantage that ensures their long-term survival in the telco market. As a communications technology provider that has a history of forming strategic partnerships with leading businesses, we know that these relationships help companies to develop compelling propositions that improve customer experience, increase employee productivity and ensure regulatory compliance. This belief is echoed by both Ovum and Microsoft.

Business partners can share customer, market and competitor insight to ensure that they both stay at the forefront of changing markets and emerging technologies. Partnerships also enable businesses to explore new opportunities to drive growth, without increasing capital investments in additional resources.

During the TeleWare event, Microsoft’s senior product marketing manager Ian Woolner noted that for every dollar Microsoft generates, its partners generate eight dollars. He added that a common setback experienced by businesses is a stubbornness to invest in technology upgrades. Businesses ideally want to sweat their assets until the projected end of their lifespan. Unfortunately, many of these projections have been unable to account for just how quickly advancements in technology have come around.

Ovum research shows that on average, companies spend 82% of IT budgets on maintenance and just 18% on innovation. With so much spent on keeping the lights on, partnerships are a critical for businesses. They give organisations the flexibility and agility needed in this rapidly changing market and to keep up with evolving customer expectations.

Steve Haworth is CEO of TeleWare

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